Why Allison is not writing her Blog

Hello friends, this is Allison’s Mom writing to you today.  Many have asked her why she’s not writing her Blog. Two months ago she went in for her yearly physical and routine blood work, the tech that tried to draw her blood did not know what she was doing and caused Allison excruciating pain and injured her arms.  After this happened we were hoping & praying it would just heal and go away well sadly it has not but gotten worse, she can’t type, txt, grasp anything with her hands, just a simple thing of taking a shower and washing her hair is almost unbearable. She has sharp pain, pins & needles and numbness and burning down into her fingers & hands.  She also is not sleeping well from the pain so she is very tired and wore out. Both arms are hurt but the left is the worse.  We are asking for Prayer for healing, wisdom & guidance and Peace! Thank y’all so much!  It’s our Hope and Prayer she will be back soon, cooking, baking, traveling and sharing it all with you! Hugs!!

Why Allison is not Blogging via lashesanddashes 


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