Christmas at The Galt House Hotel in Louisville Kentucky.

Christmas at The Galt House Hotel via LashesandDashes

Last night for dinner we visited Cafe Magnolia at The Galt House Hotel.
We arrived around 5:30 and were seated promptly by the window looking out at the river. Our waiter was wonderful! His level of service was reminiscent of a Fine Dining Restaurant! We ordered the Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken and the Florentine Chicken Pasta, both came with a salad. The salad was good, nothing truly spectacular about it, but good! When our food arrived we were shocked to find the Teriyaki Chicken was inedible, it was so salty we could not eat it! Also some pieces of the chicken were shredded, other pieces were cubed, the chicken was not cooked properly. The Florentine Chicken was better but still on the salty side.

When we called our waiter over he immediately apologized and put in a order for the Florentine Chicken and said he would have a manager come over. Fifteen minutes later our waiter came over again to inform us that our new dish would be out soon but that he could not find the manager, he again apologized and said as soon as he found the manager he would send her over. Once our new dish came, the manager finally came over and asked what the problem was. We explained the issue to her, she then replied that she would take the Teriyaki Chicken off our bill then off she went. We ate both dishes of Florentine Chicken but was not completely satisfied. Once we were done with our meal we had to wait another 25 minutes for our bill. So in closing for the restaurant portion of The Galt House Hotel, Cafe Magnolia was very disappointing, but on the bright side our waiter was amazing!

After we finished eating we decided to walk around the hotel to see the Christmas Displays. At The Galt House Hotel they are known for their Christmas Spectacular, they have been featured on several media outlets. We did not have enough time to go through The KaLightoscope Christmas event but we did enjoy walking around the two towers of The Galt House Hotel. There are so many beautiful decorations and lights, the pictures below don’t do justice to the beauty of the Hotel and Christmas decorations. They do have several other restaurants on site. Including the Rivue that is on the 25th floor offering spectacular views of the City. They also have a little coffee shop where you can grab a cup of coffee and sit down in the beautifully decorated atrium and take in all the beautiful hanging lights and displays. If you are ever in the Louisville Kentucky area at Christmas time I highly suggest visiting the Galt House and trying one of the many other restaurants they have.



When we came out of the hotel we where surprised by the fact it was Snowing! The picture below does not do the snow justice!



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