Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner via LashesandDashesEvery week I clean my make up brushes with this formula. It has worked great for me! Especially after I get back from a trip I always do a deep clean of my brushes, when at home every other day I clean my brushes with ELF makeup brush cleaner.

Makeup cleaner via LashesandDashes

I rarely take the ELF cleaner with me on trip for the simple reason of it does not have a cap on the spray nozzle, if memory serves me correctly I do not think the cleaner came with a cap. Other then that hold back I absolutely love the ELF cleaner, I found mine at Target but you can also purchase the cleaner from their website, the link to their website is in the picture of the ELF cleaner.

Dirty Makeup Brushes via LashesandDashes

As you can see my make up brushes are very dirty and in need of a good clean!

Makeup Cleaner via LashesandDashes

Put 2 TBS Dawn Dish Soap and 2 TBS Olive Oil in a small container. When you are ready to clean the brushes put a dash of water in the container.

Makeup Brush Cleaner via LashesandDashes

Start swishing the brush around in the mixture, you will see the dirt start to lift away from the brush. Continue cleaning the brush until the mixture is the color of your makeup. I like to rinse the brush in hot water, if make up continues to run off of the brush I will do another cleaning in the mixture.

Makeup Cleaner via LashesandDashes

Here you can see how dirty the mixture is from all of the dirt, grime, and makeup that was in the brushes. After you have finished cleaning the brushes in the mixture rinse them off in hot running water.

Clean Brushes via LashesandDashes

The clean brushes.

Brushes drying via LashesandDashes

To dry the brushes I used my towel bar and a hair band to keep the brushes upside down, I leave them there over night to dry.


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