Salon Effects by Sally Hanson Review

Salon Effects by Sally HansonToday I thought I would bring you a blog post about Nail Effects by Sally Hanson.  Last Christmas I had acrylic nails on and used the product. It worked beautifully with the acrylics on so I decided I would try it on my natural nails.

Salon Effects via LashesandDashes

The packaging was quite nice, really pulls you into the product. I bought this at Ulta on sale, but you can find it just about anywhere!

Salon Effects via LashesandDashes

Salon Effects via LashesandDashes

As you can see the box has all of the supplies you need except for your favorite nail polish remover. The instructions where fairly clear, my only issue with the product is, it is quite hard to get the nail foil off of its backing.

Salon Effects via LashesandDashes

Here I have placed the foil on my finger and am getting ready to file off the excess.

Salon Effects via LashesandDashes

Here is the finished hand. My overall rating would be a 7. I would use the product again but some improvements could be made such as a different source of backing for the nail foils, as well as the adhesive on the foils. Below is a picture of my nails after a weeks time. I think they held up fairly well, I do a lot of hand washing!

Nail Effects by Sally Hanson via LashesandDashes IMG_2880


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