Tutorial for keeping a Beanie on Your Head!

How to Keep a Beanie on via LashesandDashesI saw the below tutorial on Pinterest and decided to try it for my self!

beanie (1)

The only supplies you will need for this project are:
A beanie
One hair comb
Hot glue

Hat fix via LashesandDashes

Place the comb right at the base of the stitching on the inside of the beanie.

Hat tips via LashesandDashes

Now place a strip of hot glue on the base of the hair comb, then place the comb on the base of stitching. Hold the comb on the base of the stitching for 20 seconds while the hot glue dries. After I had let the hat sit for a couple minutes I tried the hat on, the comb did not feel as secure as I would have liked!
I pulled the comb up off the the hat with the base of the comb still attached to the hat. Then I placed another line of glue on the comb where the prongs of the comb begin. After this the comb was not going anywhere!

Hat comb via LashesandDashes

I highly recommend using this tutorial on all of your knit beanies!


The beanie came to great use today, the high is only 36* here in Louisville Ky brrr!



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