Throw Back Thursday

Welcome to my very first Throw Back Thursday!

#TBT with Grandma

I thought I would kick this party off with a throw back to my Great Grandma and I at Christmas time.  Great Grandma absolutely loved Christmas she always made it so special and memorable!

Every year when we lived in Florida my family would travel back to Ohio to visit family the week of Thanksgiving. As a child growing up in Florida the thought of snow was always a wonderful one, every year for a month before we would go back to Ohio I would pray for snow. Most years we would get a small amount of snow while we were there, but this particular year was a bit different.

We had went to visit my Great Grandma up in Cleveland Heights. Grandma lived in a small flat with her son, Uncle David. I always loved visiting her, her little flat was always cozy and warmly decorated with Christmas and full of love! From when I was a small child whenever we were together you would find me right next to Grandma.

After a full day of celebrating with family we checked the weather before we headed back to where we were staying, the weather report said there was going to be a blizzard but of course my Dad thought we could make it back to his parents house before the storm hit. We said our goodbyes to Grandma and Uncle David and headed out to brave the snow.

I of course loved the snow, I thought my what a adventure!  I loved feeling the snowflakes on my face! We drove maybe a mile up the road, the roads were a mess! Ice underneath all of the snow. The blizzard was coming much faster then expected! There was a big hill we had to go up and our Florida car would not do it, my Dad tried and tried with no avail. We decided that it would be best to turn around and go back to Grandma’s Flat.  Grandma welcomed us back with open arms. Since we had not planned on spending the night we had no pajamas, nothing! Grandma gave me one of her sweaters to sleep in as well as leg warmers, which I still have packed away in a box! It was quite the adventure, I got to sleep on the couch then the next morning Grandma made us warm oatmeal for breakfast, then we played checkers and grandma always let me win, such warm wonderful memories were made that I will cherish! We checked the weather the next morning, they had worked all through the night to clear the roads.  We in turn headed back to my Dad’s parents house.

In Grandmas Sweater

In Grandma’s Sweater

Grandma has passed on now and she is rejoicing in Heaven with Grandpa and many others who have gone on before us.  We miss  her tremendously but we know that one day we will see her again and this thought I hold in my heart.  I am very Thankful for the time I did get to spend with her, these are memories I will cherish in my heart forever!


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