Its Starting to Look like Christmas

At the T Family Home it is starting to look a lot like Christmas!


At the T household Christmas is our favorite time of the year, the most Wonderful time of year! It holds a special meaning for our family, it is our Christ’s Birthday. All of the sparkle, the warmth, spending time together as a family and the traditions. Baking and Cooking to be done, so much to look forward to!

This is the earliest we have ever decorated but we figured since we will be traveling so much we want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible!

We started the weekend out with a new tradition, Eggnog French toast, made by Dad. Eggnog French Toast

Yesterday we decorated the Family Room.

Family Room full of Christmas

Another tradition in our family is Eggnog and Chocolate covered pretzels

Eggnog and Chocolate

For the first time Dad and I did the Christmas Village together, it was so nice to be able to do something creative together.

Christmas Village


Of course Arianna had to get in on the fun.


I just love our smaller Nativity it is from my great Grandparents, such a Godly couple! I can remember the Nativity from my childhood, I can not wait to share it with my children!



2 thoughts on “Its Starting to Look like Christmas

  1. I love Christmas as well!I never start to decorate till after Thanksgiving because I usually decorate for that holiday as well. I’m in Georgia so it takes a while now before it tends to feel like christmas. I’m originally from Chicago, so you can Love the post! Visiting from NaBloPoMo!

    • My family has always been the same way, we have always decorated on the day after Thanksgiving. This year has been a little different since we have been traveling we wanted to be able to enjoy Christmas for as long as we can! Also there are 6 less days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas so we thought we would get a jump start on decorating. Thank you for checking out my blog, I will be sure to check out yours!

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